Hamgam Sanat Eista Ahvaz
Hamgam Sanat has a type one production Danesh Bonyan
In the field of designing and manufacturing decanter centrifuges for petrochemical and oil industries

Responding to the needs of many domestic industrial complexes such as oil, gas and petrochemical industries, power plants, mining and metal industries and scientific centers with the approach of localizing the technical knowledge of manufacturing equipment for these research industries

Designing and producing all kinds of counters, pumps and solar gearboxes required by oil and petrochemical industries

At Hamgam Sanat, we strive to contribute to the efficiency and safety of oil and gas and petrochemical industries by providing continuous innovations in the field of our products and missions, and to make a significant contribution to the global value chain of oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Customer-centricity and building long-term relationships with customers and focusing on creating value for customers through innovation

Promoting Kartimi, scientific and systemic approaches and processes, innovation thinking and vision publication

Promoting honesty, mutual respect, trust building, creativity, responsibility, personal growth and development among the company's human capital

Protecting the environment, helping others and trying to enrich people's lives

Expanding the industrial cooperation network with partners with the aim of creating higher value for customers

Expanding the cooperation network with universities, elites and scientific and technological centers in the rules of open innovation

design and manufacture of decanter centrifuge

Design and construction of decanter centrifuges for oil and petrochemical industries. Design and construction of decanter centrifuges for oil and petrochemical industries.


Non-stop operating hours

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Danesh Banyan Hamgam Sanat company produces the equipment needed by the oil, gas and petrochemical industries using the latest world standards.


We plant the seeds of virtue on the peak of honor

We at Hamgam Sanat company use the latest technologies in the world in the field of manufacturing rotary equipment for the petrochemical industry, while using the latest production standards in the field of designing and manufacturing these equipments.


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